How to auto tune your voice for free

Learn how to Autotune your voice to correct off key singing using Audacity and a the GSnap plugin. With these apps, you can perfectly tune your vocal track and add cool effects to your voice.

Both apps are free to download and install. 👋 Resources called out in this video:


  1. Install Audacity to download the free, cross platform audio software
    1. Visit Audacity
    1. Click “Download Audacity” button.
    2. Select the operating system your computer uses (Windows, Mac or Linux).
    3. See details on the latest version to install.
    4. Click the Installer link.
    5. Click Download link.
    6. Installer exe starts running
      1. Choose the language you want to use for the install
      2. Click through the Install Wizard by selecting Next for the EULA, destination location, a desktop shortcut and select Install.
      3. Installation completes and click Next, then Finish
      4. Install GSnap plugin that is a free effect plugin that can be used in Audacity to auto-tune your voice.
    1. Visit GSnap Plugin (Windows)
    2. Click link to Download GSnap (for 32-bit VST hosts). Do NOT install the 64 bit version as it does not work with Audacity.
    3. This will download the zip file to your computer
  2. Install GSnap for use with Audacity
    1. Navigate to GSnap downloaded zip file
    2. Click into the GSnap zip file
    3. Click on the GSnap dll file and copy the file.
    4. Put the DLL into the Audacity plugins folder.
      1. Navigate to C:\Program Files x86\Audacity\Plug-ins
      2. Paste in the GSnap dll file into the folder
  3. Auto-tune your voice in Audacity.
    1. Open Audacity.
    2. Go to “Effect” tab and select the “Add / Remove plug-ins…” item.
    3. Locate the GSnap plug-in from the list and click the Enable button to turn on the plugin. Select OK to close the Plug-ins dialog.
    4. Go to “Effect” tab and select the “GSnap…” item.
    5. Record audio tracks that you want to auto-tune in Audacity by selecting the play button.
    6. Highlight the section you want to auto-tune.
    7. Go to “Effect” tab and select the “GSnap…” item to open the plugin.
    8. Click the “Select a scale…” button.
    9. Update the Key and Scale of the song to what the key and scale the song is sung on.
      1. You can look this up on wikipedia for the song.
      2. This will snap your voice to the scale.
    10. Click Apply button.
    11. Click the green play button to hear the auto-tuned version of your voice.
    12. You have now auto-tuned your voice!

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