How to upload music to YouTube

Learn how to upload music, audio, and song files, like mp3, mp4, ogg, or wav, to YouTube in this step-by-step tutorial using the Windows 10 Photos app. I show you how to add an image or a video as background for your music.


  • An audio file that you want to upload to YouTube.
  • A picture that can be shown with the audio file when the audio file plays in YouTube.

Steps how to upload music to YouTube

  1. Open the Windows Photos Apps by typing in Windows explorer and opening Photos app
  2. This opens the Windows Photos App.
  3. Navigate to the Video Editor tab
  4. Click “New video project” button to create a new video. Save the video with your custom name.
  5. This opens the Video editor .
  6. Drag a your picture that you want to display when the audio plays in YouTube into the Project library.
  7. Right-click the photo and select “Duration”.
  8. Update the photo duration to length of song in seconds. In this way the photo will be displayed for the entire length of the song.
  9. Click the “Custom Audio” button.
  10. Click the “Add audio file” option
  11. Select the audio file in File Explorer to add it to your Video file.
  12. Click “Finish Video”
  13. Select the video quality you prefer.
  14. Select “Export” and choose a location in File Explorer to save the video file. This creates the video and opens it and starts playing it.
  15. Close the Video App.
  16. Open Internet browser and navigate to
  17. Click + button in the upper right hand corner of the Internet browser.
  18. Click “Upload Video” and select the video file you created in Step1 14.
  19. Enter in the required information using the Next options including the video title, if the content is made for Kids and the visibility for the video.
  20. Select Save to upload the video to your Channel.
  21. You have now uploaded your music video to your Channel!

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