How to Install Chrome OS Flex: Make an Old PC New Again

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to install Google Chrome OS Flex on your old laptop or desktop PC. Flex is a distribution of Chrome OS that can be installed on conventional PC hardware to replace other operating systems such as Windows. It’s a Linux based operating system that uses a web browser as its main user interface. Since most of the applications are web based, it works really well even on older computers.

2 thoughts on “How to Install Chrome OS Flex: Make an Old PC New Again

  1. Hi Kevin,my name is Michael,am a from Kenya but a resident of Qatar,first I want to thank you for good videos you make that have impacted many.I never had a chance to join college but I believe if i get the right guidance and training I can learn more. Is it possible for you to make tutorials for excel,word,SharePoint etc for self training?


  2. I love all of your videos. The problem is I watch so many, I forget which video I need to get a tip I need from. For instance, I saw one that was talking about file explorer. I have SO many files, videos and screenshots I don’t know how to find a particular one. Is there a way to look these up by dates and or alphabetically? Also, can you tell me or show me one of your videos to help me understand OneDrive? I’m so afraid of losing personal pictures of family members. I have transferred most of what I had once to my PC and had deleted some from there and keep getting messages from OneDrive that what I have deleted from my pc (file explorer), will be deleted from everyplace on my PC and that it will ALL be deleted if I don’t pay for extra space on OneDrive. Sorry this is so long explaning, but, I hope u can help me or tell me where I need to look online for help. Thx so much.


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