10 Best & Most Useful Websites in 2022

In this overview video, find out about 10 extremely useful websites that you should be using. For example, learn how to edit photos directly in your browser, how to save time scheduling meetings, how to find alternatives to expensive software, and many more. This is just a sampling of the many sites we look at today.

One thought on “10 Best & Most Useful Websites in 2022

  1. Kevin, I enjoy your content and have learned a great deal from your Youtube videos. However, one topic I haven’t seen yet, and I’m not sure this fits your mission, but can you create a video on cash apps? What is the best, cheapest, and most effective way for people to send money? Should a small business/individual use venmo, square, godaddy, gofundme, or something else? What is security like on those apps? There are a lot of confusing topics about these apps and I’m sure people don’t want to fall into a trap.


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