Talking Windows 11 with the team that designed it

Hear from with the team that designed and built Windows 11 in this interview. Find out about what changes to expect when you upgrade or buy a new PC with Windows 11. Learn what the design team thinks are the most compelling new 2 -3 features that make getting Windows 11 worthwhile. Get an inside look at how Microsoft identifies features to include in Windows. Also, why did Microsoft decide to release Windows 11 when they stated that Windows 10 would be the last version? Learn about these questions and more in this interview with the design and research team behind the latest version of Windows.

One thought on “Talking Windows 11 with the team that designed it

  1. Kevin, I like your youtube video. But my question is I tired reviewing it each time but I cannot get it to work with my project using OBS. I have a pre recorded video and tried to change the background that I did livestream in Youtube my first time doing it. However your youtube video to remove background is showing myself not the video I want to change the background. I am new in OBS and I spent 3 days now working my project but I cannot make it work. Maybe there is no option to remove the background unless you buy third party application to use virtual background. Your instruction to use Zoom is great but I see myself each time. Thanks for your help and response.


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