5 Awesome Windows 11 Features you should use

Find out about 5 features that’ll make Windows 11 even better. Speak to your PC and have your computer write what you see, including all punctuation. Set up multiple desktops to separate your work and customize those desktops with names, backgrounds, and ordering. Snap your windows more easily using a new snapping helper. Also, find out about PowerToys, which allows even more power and control over snapping windows. Quickly restore groups of tabs using tab groups so you don’t have to re-arrange your snapped windows after minimizing. Widgets give you relevant information, like weather, tasks, calendar, with just one click. Lastly, as a bonus, we look at the secret start menu, which gives you quick access to settings and the task manager.

  • Dictation WITH punctuation. Windows Dictation supported dictation, but it didn’t include punctuation. Now with Windows 11, punctuation is included. You just select the Auto punctuation option. It figures out the start and end of the sentence and adds the right punctuation and capitalization.
  • Multiple Desktops. You can now setup multiple desktops and set what they look like. You can customize the Windows desktop that allows you to add an emoji, choose a custom background for the desktop and shift the position of the desktops to the position you want. Multiple desktops have gotten a lot better in Windows 11!
  • Window snapping. You can take snapping to the next level in Windows 11. You can hover over the maximize icon and you get some great layouts to snap your windows.
    PowerToys allows you ever further customization of the Windows snapping with Fancy Zones that allows you to create your own layouts for snapping windows.
  • Snap Groups. Snap Groups allow you to snap a set of windows together to restore an entire group of windows onto the screen.
  • Widgets. There are a bunch of helpful widgets that you can use including photos, traffic, calendar, weather among many others with support to customize what the widgets show.
  • Extra: Secret start menu. Right clicking the Windows button opens the additional start menu. This was available in Windows 10 but is very useful!
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  • Timestamps
    • 0:00 Introduction
    • 0:18 Dictation with auto punctuation
    • 1:18 Multiple desktops
    • 2:55 Window snapping
    • 4:35 Snap groups
    • 5:07 Widgets
    • 6:11 Bonus: Secret start menu
    • 6:50 Wrap up

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