In-depth Look at Windows 11 Insider Preview

In this step-by-step overview video, get an overview of everything that is new in the Windows 11 insiders preview build (22000.51). Microsoft released the insider preview on Monday and there are lots of new features and capabilities to explore. We start by looking at the task bar and how it’s centered aligned. We also look at how to configure settings to move it back to the left. Next, we move to the start menu and how you can personalize the look and feel. Next, we explore how search and settings have changed compared to what was available in Windows 10. We then test out snapping and snapping groups. With snap groups, you can quickly restore a collection of snapped apps. We then look at virtual desktops and how you can personalize each individual desktop. Widgets are up next where you can see weather, news, sport scores, stocks, and more. We also customize the experience. We continue to the system tray, the action center, file explorer, and finish with the Microsoft Store and XBOX apps. Android apps and Teams integration are not yet available in the inside build.

  • Taskbar. The taskbar is now center aligned so it looks similar to what you might expect with mac OS or Chrome OS.If you prefer it to be left aligned, to shift it back over to the left hand side, you right click on the taskbar and you’ll see Taskbar settings.When you click on this this opens up the Settings screen and at the very bottom there’s Taskbar behaviors and when you click on that you can change the alignment back over to the left so it looks more similar to previous versions of Windows
  • Start menu. Start menu has a new look and is very customizable to show the apps you care about most.
  • Search. Search field is now on the top of the page. This is more consistent with how Google and Bing where search is on the top with the results showing below.
  • Settings. All categories are omni-present. This makes it very quickly jump between categories
  • Snapping. New snap menu allows you to easily choose where to snap windows to.
  • Virtual desktops. Windows 11 makes it easy to set up and personalize virtual desktops. This was available in Windows 10 but wasn’t as easy to find and didn’t have as much personalization.
    You can click the Virtual desktop icon and see all your virtual desktops or create a New desktop in one click.
  • Widgets. You can click the widgets icon and see widgets for apps like the calendar, To Do and weather. You can customize how the widgets appear.
  • System tray. The main change is that the the internet the volume and the battery icon are all connected when you click on them this opens up an interface where you can modify them but once again they’ve all come together.
    Additionally, in the bottom right there’s an icon that’ll minimize all windows that are open on the desktop or the show desktop icon.
  • Calendar & Action Center. The Calendar and Action Center are combined in a new view.
  • File explorer. The File Explorer UX has gotten rid of the ribbon and replaced it with a command bar.

    It has also increased the spacing in the right click menus.
  • Microsoft Store. On the left hand side, there are 4 new views There are 4 new views, a home view, an app view, a gaming view and an entertainment view with things like tv shows and movies.
  • Xbox. The Xbox app is included with Windows 11 by default. You can access all your Game Pass games in the app. The main difference between the Microsoft Store and the Xbox app is that the Store has more casual games, like Candy Crush, and the Xbox app has more of the “hard-core” games.
  • Android and Teams. The Android support and Teams apps are currently missing from the Windows 11 Insider build. We expect that it will be included in later versions.

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