Top 10 NEW Features in Microsoft Teams

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn about the Top 10 NEW Features in Microsoft Teams. For example, add additional scenes in together mode, view the new Teams fluent UX, pop out apps, add a shared channel calendar, launch presenter view, join the Teams public preview to see new features first, and many more.

  • Additional resources:
  • Timestamps
    • 0:00 Introduction
    • 0:24 Together mode new scenes
    • 2:12 New Fluent UX
    • 3:20 Pop out apps
    • 4:08 Channel calendar
    • 5:37 End of meeting notification
    • 6:05 Presenter view
    • 7:53 Approvals app
    • 8:44 Improved add SharePoint tab
    • 9:44 Improved calling & sharing entry point
    • 10:12 Join Teams Public Preview
    • 11:17 Wrap up

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