How to Add Voice Over on PowerPoint Slides

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to add a voice over / narration to a PowerPoint slide presentation. You’ll learn three different methods to adding a voiceover, including: – Simple record tool to insert a recording onto an individual slide – Record slide show view, which allows you to also include video & insert synchronized annotations – Free Audacity app to make edits to your voiceover before importing to PowerPoint

  • Additional resources:
  • Timestamps
    • 0:00 Introduction
    • 0:52 Add Recording tab to ribbon
    • 2:02 Simple method to add voiceover
    • 5:47 Record slide show to add voiceover
    • 10:55 Edit audio using Audacity & import into PowerPoint
    • 13:57 Save as show or export to video
    • 14:37 Wrap up

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