Text to Speech Converter – FREE & No Limits

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how you can convert text into speech for free and with no time limits. First, I show you how to turn text into audio using two apps that come for free with Windows 10. You can use the pre-installed OneNote app to read the text and the voice recorder app to record the audio. Next, we install Audacity to give you more control over your text to speech converter. At the end, we install the Balabolka app, which allows us to turn text into speech and then download the audio in any format, like wav, mp3, ogg, and other file types. Additionally, learn how to use various cloud services, like IBM Watson, Google Cloud, Baidu, and others to convert your text into speech. You can choose from multiple voices that sound very natural. With an audio file of your text, you can listen to it again later or you can insert on top of a video.

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