How to Import Email to Excel Automatically

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to import email from either Gmail or Outlook into Microsoft Excel using Power Automate. First, we visit and sign in with a free account. Next, we set up a new workbook in Microsoft Excel and enter the columns that we want to populate with content from an email. We proceed to Power Automate, where we set up a flow to take the contents of an email and insert them into our workbook table. Finally, we test the flow to ensure that the email successfully imports into the Excel worksheet. By the end, you’ll be able to take the contents from an email and fill it into your Excel workbook. The resulting flow will work automatically in the cloud and there’s no need to launch Outlook, Gmail, or Excel for this to work.

  • Additional resources
    • How to use Microsoft Power Automate:
    • Reference guide to using functions in expressions for Power Automate – this will help you understand the expressions below and how they parse text in an email:…
    • The expression in the “Cookie Type” field: first(skip(split(first(split(body(‘Html_to_text’),’Quantity’)),’: ‘),1))
    • The expression in the “Quantity” field: first(skip(split(first(split(body(‘Html_to_text’),’Delivery Method’)),’Quantity: ‘),1))
    • The expression in the “Delivery Method” field: first(skip(split(body(‘Html_to_text’),’Delivery Method: ‘),1))
  • Timestamps
    • 0:00 Introduction
    • 0:56 Sign into
    • 1:28 Create new Excel workbook
    • 3:07 Navigate to Power Automate
    • 4:02 Build automated cloud flow
    • 5:15 Example email to import into Excel
    • 5:39 Step 1: Check when a new email arrives & filters
    • 6:35 Step 2: Convert HTML into text
    • 7:20 Step 3: Add new row into Excel table with email contents
    • 9:55 Extract content from body of email using expression
    • 11:28 Test flow
    • 13:05 Wrap up

2 thoughts on “How to Import Email to Excel Automatically

  1. re: How to Import Email to Excel Automatically. Hi, Kevin (or anyone else who got this to work!!!). How does one get Outlook’s Received Time Field to appear in Excel in date format? Mine looks like this:
    2022-02-27T21:17:10+00:00. Not only is it GMT (not my time zone), but it doesn’t have a normal date format.


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