How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer

Learn how to take photos and videos from your Apple iPhone and bring them to your Windows 10 desktop or laptop. I walk through three different ways to transfer photos, including: 1. The Photos app that comes included as part of Windows 10 2. File Explorer 3. Google Photos The Photos app and File ExplorerContinue reading “How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer”

How to take screenshot on Windows 10

In this tutorial, find out how to take a screenshot on your PC and learn how to find the screenshot. Learn about the Snipping Tool and how to use the print screen keyboard shortcuts. I walk through how to launch the snipping tool and how to use the tool. I also walk through a fewContinue reading “How to take screenshot on Windows 10”

How to convert PDF to Word

Learn how to easily convert an Adobe PDF file to a Microsoft Word file. We use Microsoft Word that comes with Office 365 to do the conversion. The conversion maintains all images, tables, and text. The new Word file is editable. Need to convert a Word document to PDF? Watch this how to video: reading “How to convert PDF to Word”

How to Make a Video in PowerPoint

Learn how to publish your own video using Microsoft PowerPoint with narration, annotations, animations, and timings. I will walk you through how to record a slide show, how to annotate slides, how to add your web cam, and how to publish your video to YouTube. I use PowerPoint that comes with Office 365; however, thisContinue reading “How to Make a Video in PowerPoint”

How to get Microsoft Office for FREE

You can collaborate for free with the online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, OneNote and many more productivity apps. There are two fast and easy ways to get the Microsoft Office suite for free: Steps for how to get Microsoft Office for free with Navigate to where you will be ableContinue reading “How to get Microsoft Office for FREE”