How to Record Screen on PC for FREE using OBS

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to record your computer screen for free using a free and open-source tool called OBS or Open Broadcaster Software. You can download OBS at The screen recorder is very powerful. Watch the video to learn how to configure and set it up.

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    • To start, we’ll go to to install the OBS Studio or Open Broadcaster Software Studio software. Then we’ll install the software on my computer.
    • Once installed, the first thing we’ll do is add sources. We’ll add one for the ‘Display Capture’ — which gives us the desktop. We’ll add another for the ‘Video Capture Device’ — which gives us the webcam. You’ll want to make sure that Video Capture Device appears at the top of the list, which ensures that the video appears on top of the desktop image.
    • Next we check the output tab. This shows where the videos files are stored. You can also edit the file type that we store the video as.
    • Next we check the audio. You can see how you can adjust the audio level for system audio as well as for the mic.
  • Lastly, we’ll click on recording, show a demo recording in a game, and then play back the file to see how the recording worked.
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