Best FREE Software for PC in 2022

In this compilation video, learn about the best free software in 2022. Sometimes the best things in life are free! We look at image editing software, screenshot tools, a notetaking app, a task tracker, video editing, and many more. All of these are completely free to use.

We start with GIMP, a fully functionality image editing app that is comparable to Adobe Photoshop. You can transform images, add effects, adjust colors, and more.

At #2, we look at Greenshot, a screenshot tool that allows you to capture your screen and annotate your images. This is especially helpful when pulling together documentation.

The third app we look at is Handbrake. With Handbrake, you can transcode video from other file formats to mp4.

At #4, we look at Microsoft’s PowerToys. PowerToys gives Windows lots of additional utilities, including a color picker, a mouse highlighter, an app launcher, and much more.

We continue to OneNote, a digital notetaking app. I personally use this to write my video scripts and organize all my video ideas.

Next up we look at the Signal messaging app. Most messaging apps these days are owned by large corporations, like What’s App and Messenger, which are owned by Facebook, iMessage by Apple, Skype by Microsoft. Signal is open source and free and it puts privacy first.

At #7, we look at Microsoft’s To Do app. To Do has all your standard task tracking capabilities. You can add tasks, add steps to a task, assign tasks to others.

Next, we look at Team Viewer. With Team Viewer, you can remotely control another computer. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to help someone with their PC. You can also transfer files between your computers.

At #9, we look at VirtualBox a free and open-source virtual machine made by Oracle.

We wrap up with the Shotcut video editor that contains no watermarks.

One thought on “Best FREE Software for PC in 2022

  1. I installed greenshot and I cannot access or uninstall it. It keeps saying it is running. Can you help me get this uninstalled or working. Thanks, Tracy


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