How to Create Parallax Effect in PowerPoint

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to create the Parallax Effect in Microsoft PowerPoint. Parallax is sure to impress your audience. You’ll be viewed as the expert in PowerPoint. One word of caution, you don’t want to overuse this in your presentations. I’d recommend just using it once in a presentation.

We start by pulling in three images into PowerPoint. If you want nice background images to use for this effect, if you have Microsoft 365, you can click on Insert, Pictures, and then select Stock Images. If you don’t have Microsoft 365 or want more choices, my favorite web site is where you’ll find free stock photos and videos.

Next, we enable guides to help pull off this effect. Guides help us know where the edges of the slide are. To turn on guides, go to View, Show, and then check on Guides.

With the guides in place, we next remove the background from the photo via Picture Format. The magenta area will be removed, and the colored areas will be kept. I can select areas to keep and mark areas to remove. Especially with a complex background that’s like the subject, this may take time.

Finally, we position items for starting the Parallax effect. We apply the parallax effect using two techniques, first using animations, and second using the morph transition.

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