How to Use Windows 10 FREE Video Editor

Learn how to edit videos using this free app that comes with Windows 10. In this video, I show you how to import your video, how to create a basic storyboard, how to trim and splice your videos, how to add a title, how to add music, and how to publish to YouTube. The Photos app now has video capabilities and is a strong replacement of the original Windows Movie Maker app.

Interested in what types of effects you can create using the Photos app? Watch the following video:

One thought on “How to Use Windows 10 FREE Video Editor

  1. Hi Kevin. I just found your site and the videos are great. I have a question. I finished a video and saved or exported it. I now need to make additional edits. I need to take out a few slides and put in new ones of the same length to match up the audio. I tried clip champ but I am struggling with the edits. Any suggestions. Is there anyway to get back to my version of the project before it was finalized ? Thanks for any help.


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