How to Share Folders & Drives from one Computer to another Computer – Windows 10

In this step-by-step video, learn how to share a Folder or Hard Drive on one computer with all the other computers on your home network. Share photos, videos, apps, and other content between computers.

To share a folder or drive, open File Explorer. Right click on the folder or drive and click on properties. In properties, click on the Sharing pivot. Next, click on Advanced Sharing. In Advanced Sharing, make sure “Share this folder” is checked. Next, click on Permissions, and pick whether you want to grant Full Control, Change, or Read. Control gives users the ability to add, delete, or change files. Read allows users to view only, but make no changes to the source computer. Once you’re satisfied with the settings, apply the changes. On another computer on the network, open File Explorer and navigate to Network. In Network, select the computer you would like to connect with. You may be prompted to enter the machine’s username and password. Make sure to enter the username and password of the computer you are connecting to. Next, you should see the folder or share that you shared.

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