How to Set a Song As Your Ringtone on iPhone

Learn how to set a song as your custom ringtone on your iPhone in this short tutorial video.

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Make sure that your song is in iTunes
  3. Find the section of the song that you want to use
  4. Open the song’s information menu – Click the song to select it, click Edit (Windows) or File (Mac), and click Song Info (Windows) or Get Info (Mac) in the resulting drop-down menu. A window will open. You can also just right-click the song and click Song Info (Windows) or Get Info (Mac) in the drop-down menu that appears.
  5. Click the options tab
  6. Check the “start” and “stop” boxes. They’re both near the top of the window, just below the “media kind” section. Doing so will place checkmarks in the respective boxes, allowing you to change the start and stop time for the song.
  7. Enter the start and stop time. In the “start” text box, enter the time in the song at which you want the ringtone to start, then do the same with the point at which you want the ringtone to end in the “stop” box.
  8. Click OK. It’s at the bottom of the window. This will save the song’s changes and exit the information menu.
  9. Create an AAC version of the song.
  10. Open the AAC file’s location
  11. Change the AAC file into an M4R file.
  12. Attach your iPhone to your computer.
  13. Click Tones. It’s a tab below the “On My Device” heading on the left side of the iTunes window. The Tones page will open.
  14. Add the ringtone to the Tones page. Click and drag the .m4r version of the song into the iTunes window, then drop it there. You should see the ringtone appear on the page
  15. Wait for the ringtone to finish synchronizing.
  16. Open your iPhone’s Settings.
  17. Scroll down and tap sounds and haptics.
  18. Tap ringtone
  19. Tap your ringtone’s name
  20. Set your new ringtone for a specific contact. If you’d rather set the ringtone for a specific contact, do the following:
    1. Open the Contacts app.
    2. Tap a contact’s name.
    3. Tap Ringtone
    4. Select the ringtone.
    5. Tap Done
  21. Tip: Make sure that your phone is set to ring audibly if you want to hear your new ringtone.

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