How to Present Better with PowerPoint Presentation Coach

Learn how to improve your presentation skills with PowerPoint on the web and presentation coach. To take advantage of presentation coach, log in to (it’s free with a Microsoft account), click on PowerPoint, and click into a presentation. Click on Slide Show and Rehearse with Coach. Coach will evaluate your pacing, filler words, originality, culturally sensitive terms, and other parts of your presentation. At the end of your rehearsal, you’ll get a summary of how you did. Let me know what you think in the comments of this new feature! It’s only available on PowerPoint on the web and not in the desktop apps.

You’ll need a microphone to take advantage of this. Today presentation coach is only available in English.

Presentation Coach is one of the cloud-enhanced features in Office 365 and is powered by Microsoft Speech Services. Your speech utterances will be sent to Microsoft to provide you with this service.

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