What it’s like being a full-time YouTube Creator

I decided to leave my Microsoft job a little over three weeks ago to focus on YouTube full-time. In this video, I check in on what it’s like working on a YouTube channel, what I enjoy, what I miss about working at Microsoft, and some of the comments I’ve been reading from viewers like you.

  • Timestamps
    • 0:00 Introduction
    • 0:29 Some comments I’ve been reading
    • 2:40 How I approach running a YouTube channel
    • 3:34 Advice for others who want to start a business
    • 4:46 What it’s been like working on YouTube full-time
    • 5:28 My new manager
    • 6:00 The stakes of creating content
    • 6:50 The stress and pressure
    • 7:31 Focus time
    • 8:04 Income on YouTube
    • 10:30 What I miss about Microsoft
    • 11:30 My dad
    • 12:13 Did I make the right decision?
    • 13:10 What I care about the most
    • 14:25 Wrap up

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