How to use Microsoft Bookings

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to use Microsoft Bookings to schedule and manage appointments with customers. With Microsoft Bookings, customers can choose a service, pick a time, and receive reminders leading up to their service date. Microsoft Bookings is only available to business accounts, including Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 36 Business Premium, or A3 and E3 and above plans.

  • Timestamps
    • 0:00 Introduction
    • 1:22 What Microsoft 365 plan and account you need to use Bookings
    • 3:10 How to sign in
    • 3:30 Walk through of home page
    • 3:50 How to set up logo
    • 5:07 Set Business Information
    • 6:10 Add Services
    • 13:14 Add Staff
    • 15:43 Configure Booking page
    • 21:05 Publish Booking page
    • 21:20 Booking page from customer perspective
    • 23:04 Customer confirmation page example
    • 23:30 Email examples that Booking sends out
    • 24:30 How to embed Bookings link into web site, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • 25:07 How to manage customers
    • 25:57 How to use calendar and manually add appointments or set time off
    • 27:52 Wrap up

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