How to Negotiate Starting Salary (as a Microsoft employee)

Learn how to effectively negotiate your starting salary to get the value that you deserve. I’ve successfully negotiated increased salaries and packages with companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Accenture, and have advised others with companies like Google and Facebook. Not only have I negotiated packages, I’ve also served on the other side where I’ve delivered offers to candidates.

  • Timestamps
    • 0:00 Introduction
    • 0:30 My first negotiation
    • 2:15 Understand your value in the eyes of the company
    • 4:15 Tip 1 – Negotiate no matter what
    • 8:41 Tip 2 – Get offers from multiple companies
    • 11:20 Tip 3 – Get as much information as possible
    • 11:53 Tip 4 – Don’t set a low anchor
    • 13:40 Tip 5 – Always focus on the value you’ll bring
    • 14:34 Wrap up

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