How to add branded templates to Word, Excel and PowerPoint start pages

In this step-by-step tutorial video, learn how to add branded organization templates to the Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint start pages across Windows, Mac, and Web using SharePoint. With organization templates, you can make it easier for members of your organization to access and use your official templates. I walk through how to create a template file, how to upload the template to a document repository in SharePoint, how to convert the document repository into a template repository, and finally, I show you how the templates appear on the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint start pages.

  • To follow this video, there are two requirements:
    • You need to be a global admin or SharePoint admin to convert the document repository into a template repository. If you’re neither of those, your life is even easier. Simply ask your admin to enable this on your behalf by sharing this video. Once a document library is a template repository, anyone with access to the template repository can upload templates. Those templates will then appear on the start pages.
    • Organization templates are only available to users on E3 or E5 licenses. With an E1 license, you won’t be able to start from a template from the Word, Excel, or PowerPoint start pages; however, you can still access the templates directly from SharePoint.
  • Timestamps
    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 02:38 How to save a template in Word, Excel or PowerPoint
    • 04:30 Log into to get to SharePoint
    • 05:17 Create a document repository in SharePoint
    • 06:20 Upload template to document repository
    • 07:05 Download and sign in to SharePoint Online Management Shell
    • 08:50 Convert document repository to template repository
    • 11:23 See branded templates on start pages
    • 12:37 Wrap up

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