How to use Phone as Webcam

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to use your iPhone or Android phone as a webcam for your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC or laptop. For this to work, you need to install the Iriun app on your PC from and on your mobile device via the App Store or the PlayStore by searching for Iriun.

  • Timestamps
    • 0:00 Introduction
    • 0:52 Install on PC
    • 1:49 Install on iPhone or Android Phone
    • 2:41 Desktop app settings
    • 3:23 Loading webcam video from phone in Teams, Zoom, Meet, OBS or other apps
    • 4:00 Wrap up

One thought on “How to use Phone as Webcam

  1. Hello Kevin,
    Hope your are good and safe, we really enjoyed your video on youtube. Please can your upload a video showing how to use OBS NINJA.


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