Windows 11 Event: Biggest announcements & my thoughts

Microsoft announced Windows 11 today. We’ll walk through all the biggest announcements and I’ll also share my thoughts and reactions. Windows 10 was supposed to be the last version of the operating system, although PC sales have recently increased and Microsoft had a change of heart. We’ll walk through the new start menu and why I like the addition of Recommended. We’ll explore the new look and feel, some of the new themes, how windows snap and how you can snap entire groups. Next, we’ll check out the pick up where you left off feature, following by the personalized feed with widgets. We then jump to virtual desktops, which now allow you to customize the background image. Although Windows 10 had virtual desktops, you were unable to customize the background. Next, we look at performance improvements and input improvements. Microsoft Teams is now being integrated directly into Windows in place of Skype. We then shift gears and talk about gaming on Windows 11. Gaming is now improved with Auto HDR and the addition of direct storage, which bypasses the CPU to the GPU. Lastly, we talk about the new Microsoft Store, which now allows the addition of Android apps. To finish off, I share my thoughts on the new OS, what timing might look like, and whether it’ll be a free upgrade.

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