Top 16 Microsoft OneNote Tips & Tricks

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn the top 16 best Microsoft OneNote tips and tricks.

  • Resources called out in this video:
  • Timestamps
    • 0:00 Introduction to OneNote Tips & Tricks
    • 0:38 Copy text from picture (OneNote app only)
    • 1:44 Immersive reader (OneNote for Windows 10 only)
    • 3:15 Sticky notes (OneNote Mobile app and Sticky Note app)
    • 4:31 Pull in meeting details (All apps)
    • 5:37 Add task to Microsoft To Do or Outlook Tasks (OneNote app only)
    • 6:53 Add tags (All apps)
    • 8:23 Copy link and work with others (All apps)
    • 9:06 Password protect a section (All apps)
    • 10:32 Ink to text (All apps)
    • 11:03 Keep OneNote window on top (OneNote app only)
    • 11:42 Full screen mode (All apps)
    • 12:16 Translate (All apps)
    • 13:55 Page versions (All apps)
    • 14:41 Open multiple instances of OneNote (All apps)
    • 15:08 Solve math equations (OneNote for Windows 10)
    • 16:32 Dictate (OneNote for Windows 10)
    • 17:16 Wrap up

One thought on “Top 16 Microsoft OneNote Tips & Tricks

  1. Thank you for your videos! I am trying to resolve a request for my team in OneNote. Everyone needs a notification when edits or content is added. Do you have a solution for OneNote Notifications?


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