How to use RODE Connect software

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to use RØDE Connect to pull together podcasts and streams. RØDE Connect is a simple and powerful software solution for podcasting and livestreaming with the NT-USB Mini and even other microphones. With RØDE Connect, you can connect up to four NT-USB Minis to a single computer. The software makes it easy to create professional-quality podcasts . With an intuitive recording interface inspired by the RØDECaster Pro featuring broadcast-style faders, level metering, mute button, multi-channel recording and more, RØDE Connect gives you complete control over your podcast recording.

  • Key Features:
    • Connect up to four NT-USB Minis to a single computer – no complex routing required
    • Completely free to download with versions for both Mac and Windows
    • Access to the NT-USB Mini’s powerful digital signal processing including a noise gate, compressor and the legendary APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom
    • Fully featured recording interface, complete with broadcast-style faders, level metering, mute buttons and more
    • Virtual channels for seamlessly connecting remote guests, integrating streaming applications, adding music beds and much more
    • Automatic mix-minus on every channel for crystal clear, echo-free audio
  • Additional resources
  • Timestamps
    • 0:00 Introduction
    • 1:17 Download Rode Connect
    • 1:38 Add microphones
    • 3:12 Add virtual channels
    • 4:02 Configure mics
    • 5:54 Noise gate 6:38 Compressor
    • 7:01 Aphex: Exciter & Big Bottom
    • 7:34 Configure system sound
    • 8:28 Configure virtual device
    • 9:59 Preferences
    • 11:36 Record audio
    • 12:29 Export audio
    • 14:16 Add non NT-USB Mini mics
    • 16:44 Output to OBS

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